Oh, The Places You Read! First Responses to the Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how I think everyone can make time for reading. To support my argument, I offered several ways and places that I read.

In response, my good friend and colleague Vicki sent me this picture to show me how she is fitting reading into her life.  I like to call this “Book and Pasta with Terra Cotta and Business Envelope.”

Vicki and Pasta

Vicki’s picture gave me an idea. What if I could get people to send me pictures of all the ways in which they fit reading into their lives?  So I threw it out there: a challenge. Send me your pictures, I said. I will write about you, I said.

Here are the responses I have received so far:

Julia just got a new phone and reads one of the best books ever while she has a break at work:

Julia Bright Reading on Phone

Ashley reads an e-book when she gets home to her obviously cute place:

Ashley Reading in Apartment

Katie reads in bed snuggled with her cat:

Katie Reading with Cat

Audrey, a school librarian, reads in the early morning just as the sun is beginning to shine into the wall of windows:

Audrey at Sunrise

And sometimes, when she’s not blasting Toddler Tunes, she reads in the car:

Audrey in Car

Vicki, continuing with the food and book theme, reads with Crunchy Oat Squares, Cactus, and Wilting Lilies:

Vicki and Crunchy Oat Squares

And Brenda reads on the train in New York as she is on her way to an audition, workshop, rehearsal, work, or just dinner. She secretly likes long commutes.

Brenda on Train

Those are all the responses to the challenge so far.  Where do you read?  Send me your pictures!  You can send an e-mail to empathicteacher@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter at @empathicteacher.

Go forth and read!

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