Oh, the Places You Read, Round 3

This series celebrates all the places and ways in which we can accomplish our reading.  We are saying no to those voices in our heads that tell us “we don’t have time to read” and getting it done however we can!  For the foundational post for this series, see this essay.

All of us can carve out some time in our days to read!  Here are some of our inspiring (and also some extremely cute) pictures of how we are making it happen.

Jody is reading Call the Midwife as she waits in the doctor’s office. I myself have waiting several hours in doctors’ offices in my lifetime.  I never go without reading material.  I’m pretty sure I have already read every waiting room magazine article ever written.

Jody at Dr Office

Next, continuing with our medical theme, soldier Michael is reading while he recovers from surgery on his foot.  I have also gotten quite a bit of reading done when I have been sick or otherwise recovering.

Michael Fields Broken Foot

Thai, a college student, reads in the closet when he needs to get away. You might say he’s a closet reader:

Thai in Closet

And finally, I really hope you’re ready for this.

How could your reading of this post get any better, you ask?

Babies with books.

Now I know what you are thinking: but, but, there’s no way they are actually reading those books.  Maybe not in the traditional sense that we think of “reading.”  But this is still a really important stage of literacy development.  Even while a very young child can’t decipher words yet, he or she is still learning about print and how books work.  They learn how to turn pages; they grasp some concept of story through the pictures; they learn that pictures and those weird lines on the page (letters) somehow go together. And most importantly, sometimes they learn that books taste good.

Here we go!

My nephew is already a follower of the philosophy of Dr. Seuss, as he likes to read in a window, on a drum, on a box:

Evan on Box

The daughter of one of my former students enjoys reading her books in the car. Those of us who are parents know how important it is to keep kids occupied in cars.  Give them books, my friends!

Cambria in Car

That’s it for this round! Where do you read? How do you fit reading into your life?  Send me your pictures!  Send them to me on Facebook, Twitter (@empathicteacher), or email (empathicteacher@gmail.com).

Keep reading!

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