Oh, the Places You Read! Round 4

It’s time for another round of finding out where and how everyone gets their reading done. A time to combat the arguments of people who say they “don’t have time to read.”

To see all the wild and wacky ways I fit reading into my day, please see here.  This is a very simple challenge: I ask my readers and friends to send me pictures of where they read, and they do. This is also an ongoing challenge, so feel free to join in the fun!

Last time I showed you a special feature about babies reading books. I mean, what’s better than that, right?  I could look at pictures of babies with books for, well, quite a while.

This little guy loves to read in his favorite chair:

Baby Jonathan in Favorite Chair

And with his favorite friend:

Baby Jonathan Reading with Friend

Moving on to our older readers, this guy loves to read Ninjago right before going to bed:

Gavin Ninjago

My good friend Vicki is a voracious reader, as you can see from the following evidence.

Here she is getting a pedicure and reading a book by Matt de la Peña, who is a fantastic author for young adults and who also came to our school for an author visit.

Vicki Pedicure

Did I mention that Vicki is a big sports fan? I didn’t? Well, here’s the proof. She reads about baseball while watching baseball. Dedication. A merger of both loves.

Vicki Art of Fielding

Finally, Vu reads while doing his laundry in the Marine barracks.  Here is what he says about this experience:

“I realized that it has been a really long time since I picked up a book. Not wanting to lose my literary skills, I went around the barracks asking everyone if they have any sort of novel or text that I could read and got a mystery novel for my effort. Which I then took with me to the only quiet place I could find…. the laundry room. Which is okay since I needed to do laundry anyway.”

Vu Laundry Room

See? Now that is being resourceful!

Where do you read?  Let me know!  Send me your pictures on Facebook or via

Twitter: @empathicteacher

Email: empathicteacher@gmail.com

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