Time for Poetry: Summer Camp Found Poetry

During the second half of June, one of my friends and I conducted a creative writing camp for teens as part of our work with the North Star of Texas Writing Project.  We decided to attempt the found poetry exercise that I used earlier this year with my creative writing course at school (“Time for Poetry: Found Poems”).

I used my news magazines again, simply because I had a lot of those lying around.  However, this activity can be done with any type of text: other magazines, textbooks, novels, cookbooks, menus, labels. . .really, anything that isn’t already poetry.

Here are some samples of the poems we produced.

An article about product placement in entertainment:

found poem

An article about texting and driving:

Jordan found poem-001

An article about young people getting tattoos to memorialize their families’ suffering in the Holocaust:

Nicole found poem

An article about tension in Korea:

Mo found poem

An article about child soldiers:

Katrina found poem

And here are our poems on display:

found poems 2

Another view of the display table:

Found poems

Let me know if you try found poetry in your classroom (or summer camp)!


  1. These are lovely – consider sharing them on National Writing Project at G+. I’m sure you’ll inspire other SIs.


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