About Me


My name is Jennifer Isgitt, and I currently teach AP English Literature, and coach Academic Decathlon in a large, diverse, vibrant, fun, and supportive high school in Fort Worth, TX. I hold Bachelors degrees in English Literature and French and a Masters degree in Secondary Education.

As a teacher consultant with the North Star of Texas Writing Project, I conduct and present my action research on best teaching practices, especially for Advanced Academics and English Language Learners. I have presented for local and not-so-local school districts, state organizations, and national conventions.

I love to write and speak about what I’m trying to do in my classroom to encourage you in what you are trying to do in yours. This blog is my attempt to capture field notes of success, failure, and even mediocrity to share my learning with other educators.


My philosophy of education is this: empathy is the foundation of healthy human development, and civil discourse undergirds both the classroom and our global society.  Dorothy Day may have said it best: “Love is a harsh and dreadful thing to ask of us, but it is the only answer.”


2011: High School Teacher of the Year, Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts
2011: High School Teacher of Excellence, National Council of Teachers of English.
2011:  Keller ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year
2014: Honorable Mention, Paul and Kate Farmer English Journal Writing Award


Isgitt, J., & Donnellan, Q. (2014). Discussion-based problem solving: An english-calculus collaboration emphasizes cross-curricular thinking skills. English Journal, 103(3), 80-86.

NEA Today Magazine: Make this Your Best Year Yet!  (Long, Cindy. “Make This Your Best Year Yet!” NEA Today 1 Aug. 2014: n. pag. Rss. 1 Aug. 2014. Web. 08 Sept. 2014. )


  1. Thank you – I am having a really tough year and reading blogs and searching for ideas……has helped me immensely…..thank you, thank you…


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