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  1. Dear Jennifer,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your version of the Harkness method for two years now with fantastic results. I work at a large, public high school and I teach large classes of highly diverse students. I have been spreading the word about this method on my campus and online and it is catching on. Thank you for making all of this information available and useful for teachers in different educational settings!


  2. Hello again! I used your version of Harkness throughout the year with great success. I surveyed my classes (all seniors) about which approach to studying literature was most helpful to them in my class, and the Harkness method was overwhelmingly top ranked, beating out project-based learning, comparing text to fillm, and lit circles! Here are a few things my students wrote about this method:

    “Circle discussions…helped me understand the novel fully. It also helped me see the opinions of others and how they understood the book. It gave me a point of view that I didn’t understand in the novel.”

    “You learn how your peers understand the text and that gives you a new way to look at the same words, but in a different way.”

    “Now I am not as nervous to opinionate on a certain topic or what I think is a better idea.”

    “It taught people to come out of their comfort zones and talk…the discussions always had you ingagued (engaged) because you had to do something.”

    Thank you again for providing this brilliant adaption of a wonderful strategy for engagement in literature! I am helping to spread the word on my campus and beyond 🙂


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