Time for Poetry: My Junior High Poetic Aspirations

I mentioned before that I recently pulled out my creative writing journal from 8th grade.  You knew there had to be more, right?  Yes, yes, there is.  Apparently, despite some vehement declarations about how much I hated creative writing, I secretly wanted to be Shel Silverstein.

Friends and brethren, I present to you this untitled opus:

When your mother calls to you
And says to take the garbage to
The dumpster in the city street
O, you are in for quite a treat!
For in that dumpster you may find
Disgusting things of many a kind.

Dirty diapers by the score,
Old linoleum from someone’s floor.
Milk jugs, corn cobs, old beer cans,
Knobs and screws from broken fans.
Kleenex filled with who-knows-what
A few French fries someone forgot,
Greasy napkins, bashed in hats,
And don’t forget the long dead rats.

So if you are asked to take out the trash,
I’d advise to request some cash!
And when your parents ask you to,
Check how much insurance they’ve got on you!

Full disclosure: I actually just changed the second line of the last stanza.  It originally read “I’d advise to request a lot of cash.”  Unacceptable—a complete break of the rhythm.

Today’s insight: it’s never too late to revise.

Have a great Wednesday! Pull out your childhood writing if you have it.  Anything you want to share?  C’mon, I’ll even let you revise it.



  1. For My Mom

    To tell you the things I need to say
    Would take me time a week away
    For me to be able to call you mom
    Is to tell you how you have made me strong.
    We learned from you grace, love, & truth
    How to be ladies from our youth
    How to work hard so the job would be done
    Not to stop until our battle was won.
    Perseverance was the name of the game
    Conquering the obstacles, never the same
    You and dad worked hard, your family grew
    A family that was very important to you.
    You were willing to lay down your life
    You did and you never demanded your rights.
    You sacrificed in so many ways
    Doing things for us took up your days
    Cleaning and cooking and making our clothes
    Changing our diapers, wiping our nose
    Gardening and canning helping with lessons
    You even sat with me through piano sessions.
    You taught us to cook, You taught us to clean
    You taught us to sew, You taught us to sing.
    You were full of joy on most any day
    You didn’t let trouble get in your way.
    You led us to Christ the most important of all
    We saw your example, we heard His call
    Patience and gentleness were in your touch
    That is why we all loved you so much.
    How can I say in this little letter
    All the things that would make you see better
    How I feel and what you mean
    There just isn’t a way to me it seems
    You were the encouragement that helped me achieve
    The standard was high, but you were so proud of me.
    How could I fail with a mom like you?
    There was no way with God’s help and you.


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