Oh, the Places You Read, Round 2

It’s time for Round Two!  Some more avid readers have sent me pictures of their reading habits.  If you’re just joining us on this project, I have challenged my readers to show us how they make time to read.  See this wacky post for examples of how I fit reading into my busy life.  Yes, my life is busy–don’t bother comparing with me. I’m going to win.

Anyway, here are our latest inspiring pictures!

The first responder was Nika, who reads in her car on her lunch break.  We don’t have a ton of scenic spots in the area where we live, so this is one of our better attempts at finding an inspiring reading setting.  But, hey, she’s reading Wonder by RJ Palacio, so who needs scenery anyway?

Nika Maples Reading in the CAR

Next we have another attempt at finding a peaceful reading atmosphere: Rebecca reads at Starbucks.  Mmmm. This sounds great. Any cafe will do. The smell of coffee and the smell of a book? Together?  There are no words.

Reading at Starbucks Rebecca Smith

Christine reads on a day off on her couch with a blanket.  Yeah, this is one of my favorite reading spots, too.

Christine Magryta Reading on the Couch

Speaking of reading to relax, Vicki tries to read right before bed, also one of my favorite times. However, she and I are both concerned that Naked Lunch might not be the best choice to help her fall asleep!

Naked Lunch and Right Before Bed

Nelson combines a little dinner (doesn’t this look yummy?  That was actually my first thought–mmm, that dinner looks good) with a peek inside city planning. By the way, several people have asked me if their books have to be literature or fiction. Nope, just reading.

Nelson Cooper Dinner and City Planning

And finally, we have Ann who reads while knitting.  Have I confessed my love for audio books yet? Oh, I have?  Well, let me just present another pitch. If sitting still is hard for you, or if you need to have your hands free, audio books are the way to go.

Ann Elizabeth

That’s all for this round!  Thank you so much to everyone who sent me their pictures. Keep them coming!  I love seeing all the places you read and ways you fit reading into your lives.

How and where do you make time to read?  Send me your pictures through Facebook, Twitter (@empathicteacher), or email (empathicteacher@gmail.com).  Or just respond in the comments below!


  1. Wow! The blog looks great…you changed some things…? I ❤ this meme. It really does inspire me to find even more small moments in my day to sneak in some reading. Can't wait for round 3!


    1. Thanks! Yes, I’m slowing getting the blog to look the way I want it to–many trips to the help files and forums are aiding me along the way! I just had someone tell me today that because of this series, they’ve been reading a lot more. 🙂


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